don’t care

You know how the brain/mind can be a tsunami of thoughts?!
I have these memories from before birth, and maybe I should have been dead already, maybe this month, but there are things that I really should write down.
Because I have these ideas.
Like, for example, that… Why is this world like this, if the majority seems not to want it?
Shouldn’t it be more like that then?
Maybe honestly, most don’t want to.
Tony Stewart comes to mind.
In the very unlikely case you don’t know who he is, he’s a racing driver.
And very nice person.
See the Justin Wilson case.
But because he is real, people go all shocked that ‘one moment blah blah… and then do something to help a complete stranger’.
They can’t fit him, or you or I in a box, then…
In the dutch Vaatstra murder case, which I don’t follow anymore really, one reason being Mr Dankbaar is too confident and seems to be a knowall and stuff, but a lot is wrong in that case.
Probably he is hired to keep attention away from the royal family?
Apparently the murder movie, as it was filmed, is somewhere online.
Because of that kind of stuff happening I had/have a few very dark fantasies, one involves a kidnapping, releasing them after it is apparently solved.
The blood on the bedsheets where they are supposed to be murdered on being m-blood.
A very nice girl would then pee herself, maybe get her tampon out as to reference the blood the media has on their hands, and turn around and poop in her panties (solid!!!).
Preferably live.
To, hopefully, great joy of their (lesbian?) mom and many, including you!, they would suddenly appear!!!
Oh yes, the para-abnormal who spoke to their spirits in heaven!

My latest extreme fantasy is myself as a girl being murdered by my own request being filmed.
That’ll silence my enemies!
It can be tracked by the medium where it ends up being sold.
Female Jesus.
Eat this…
Being shot through my pussy as well and a toilet grave.

Many of my extreme stuff comes no doubt from INVOLUNTARILY having to take psychiatric drugs (drugs!).
But again, people WANT it.
Eric Harris?
Would have been 35 today (?).
People want it.
The dog doesn’t want it… They never seen that kind of stuff.
They love to be eaten, or boiled alive…
Oh, I forgot. Tradition.
So is sex with animals, but hey, they never saw it so…
Or religion.
Circumcision is child porn, sadism and… mutilation?
People WANT to live in a shit world.
Yeah, shit. Another thing.
If I had listened to God I would not be in this position.
I would now…
But then there would have been so many other things…
But maybe that was part of learning, or having to learn to trust God.
Maybe I am gathering stuff for that kidnapping thing to be my next life!
Maybe Armstrong just confessed, or maybe he’s part of the cancer scam.
All this shit about peace, love and rubbish.
As George Carlin, genius, said: I wonder if a rapist leaves home with an erection.
Which is exactly the sort of questions that are relevant AND THEY DOB’T WANT THAT.
So they say you can’t make jokes like that, or the ones he did about suicide.
Oh poor left be-whine-ders.
Or JOBS!!!
Oh no, we…
CEOs banksters, yeah, way to go.

I was never your thing.
Never good (enough).
I’m shit.
Life w/o sense by Destruction comes to mind.
But no…
Gayphobia… Islamophobia…
Pissphobia anyone?
In some strange way I thought that maybe it isn’t like that.
But… I don’t know if I want to live in a Creation like that.
Why people never protest against cancer researcher who make huge profits while not even remotely wanting to find a cure.
Spontaneous healing.
Don’t underestimate your body!
Maybe people get better DESPITE treatment.
Yes, I’m on a rant.
When you try, tried your best and stuff it inflates!
But people want it that way.
Lets call it a disease and drug them.
You don’t care!
Studies have proven (double checked) that the more psychiatry in a country, the more suicide.
I posted it on now .
You fucking (..) don’t care!
As long as you’re in the clear.
And that’s why nothing.will ever change.
If I can’t put down everything I need to, I don’t even care.
Enough for now.

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