Punica Dabtrick

  34.   GordonFan24 posted (regardingDanica Patrick

  01.22.2016 – 8:34 pm 
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Tony Stewart and JPM are way better drivers than her, and Allmendinger and Hornish have slightly better numbers than her, but they’ve been in NASCAR longer than she has. Allmendinger has 1 win in his Cup career and every year we get the pleasure of hearing about his token chance to win a road course race. Big deal. Wow.

I’m just failing to see what she has done to deserve the ugliness she gets hurled her way. It’s one thing if you don’t like her driving/ability/talent whatever. Her fights/arguments with other drivers are no better/worse than what Gordon/Rusty/Earnhardt/Logano/Kenseth/Stewart and countless others have been, but yet she gets hammered for it. It’s ok when any driver retaliates against another for a perceived injustice on the track, but when Danica dishes it back to David Gilliland (funny how you never ever hear about how much this guy sucks. No wins, 4 Top 5s, 8 Top 10s, and 3 poles in his entire career, and yet he had a “Top” ride at Yates back in the day) for driving her up the track and into the wall and admitting as much on the radio, she’s a dirty driver and no good and she needs to leave NASCAR.

Everybody bitches about her getting a fan vote into the All-Star race instead of Martin Truex. Well guess what? Maybe Martin Truex Jr’s fans should have done a better job of getting him into the race whether he deserved it more or not. It’s a FAN VOTE.

I’ve never claimed she was an outstanding driver. But it’s hilarious to me when people say she doesn’t belong in NASCAR. She deserves to be here as much as anybody. Why does Paul Menard deserve to be here?

I just think there are very many things to be pissed off in this sport about, and Danica Patrick isn’t one of them. If you’re that threatened by Danica Patrick on being on the track, I don’t know what to tell you.

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