I have this idea for a new game for about a week or so.
It’s a toilet/bathroom game.
(feel free to read girls as participants)

-First girl poops.

-If she pees first, it doesn’t count and she has to pee again later.

-The game ends when all girls have peed over the turd(s).

-For every girl that poops afterwards, all girls have to pee over it again.

-Additional rules may apply

-Pooping 2 points.

-Peeing 1 point.

-Being on her period 3 points.

-Flushing is allowed only when the game is over.
(all turds peed over by all girls)


Extra ideas.

+First girl puke 10 points.

+1 point for extra stuff like pussy-snot, spit, discharge etc.

-Guys allowed?

-Rules and referee are determined beforehand.

-Rules can not be changed once the first girl has started pooping.

-You’re not allowed to eat after kick off.

-No separate teams. Mixed teams only.
(it’s 2016 for bogs sake)

-Liquids at the front only!
Otherwise disqualification!

-Wash hands, else disqualification also.

-Counting starts after a girl has pooped, and the game finishes after all girls have peed over it after the last girl pooped.
Even if they havened all pooped.

-Scores may be added for fun, a year, month, individual girls…

-Turd counting allowed, but not marbles.

-Rules are agreed upon beforehand.
Like if all girls should pee over the turds twice if a girl poops 2 in 1 go.

-Wiping rules are determined before the game starts.

-Rules about stimulants (or opposite) should be determined when it is decided when the game will be.

-Rules about keeping it in and from when should be agreed when it is decided when the game takes place.

-Rules may be changed in between games.

-Tie breaker rules should be determined beforehand.

-Noise rules should be determined beforehand.

-Any criteria like quantity, weight, colour etc. should be decided upon beforehand.

-If there’s more than one team, the game is decided when the girls of one team have all peed over the turd(s) since the last pooping girl.
Even if they did not all poop.

-It is determined wether the losing or winning team have to treat the other team(s) to something to bite/eat out.
Any other prizes should be agreed on before the game.

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