Uncensored 2015

A lot happening last year.
2 shootings in town.
One was near a big hole I went in, and was exhausted when I got out.
All because I thought;”I’m here now, I’ll regret if I don’t go in now!”

A lot of pooping stuff, some not so pleasant, but that was probably the monster-ous energy drink with sugar replacements.
Then the opposite, spending 1 or 2 and a half hours on the toilet. Shall I come in?
And still do it.
Why ask!?!
I had drunk cold milk from the fridge and coffee half an hour later.
Maybe it was that.
A lot of contrasts, with sometimes a burning feeling (like ass on fire).
Buy also that HUGE one, which made me… look away and look again in disbelief… just as I had meditated.

The power of meditation.
Pooping on the morning of my birthday, as per meditation.

But also sleeping well on holiday and even a dirty fork as per meditation.
Was it one the girl in the establishment ate with?

That near minute golden shower with Halloween.
Having a dream about finding a baby corpse in the woods and waking up with thinking “is this something I surpressed(?) in my mind?”.

A lot of good ideas, in connecting stuff.
Because of meditation.
Like some stuff from an nde site.
A lot of stuff that I could use in my fantasy or even a next life, as in how all those things are connected.
The kidnapping thing, releasing them after someone is innocently in jail.
With a lot of press present!
No doubt a couple of Char M. or such scum would have contacted them in heaven…

Also watching some nice clips, on girl looking like she’s young, cell phone (xvideos) , filming in her bed room.
Deciding to quit obsessively searching for clips, finally doing so, at least for a while.

Finding stuff I should post, like about that you cannot always help getting eroused by e.g. underaged nudity, but you shouldn’t look/search specifically.
That’s encouraging that sort of stuff.
And as Boudewijn Büch would say that even if the underaged person would not object, he couldn’t do it, because you don’t know how it’ll affect them.

For 2016, try meditate, positive suggestions, thoughts…
Like I did in certain cases and… realized I didn’t know if it was the truth and dreamt that the murder I have posted about (Vaatstra/Terpstra) was to do not with her “boyfriends” debt but a debt (of some sort) of her own.

Finally, and that was perhaps by influencing your dreams, I dreamt also of a sand digging vehicle, waking up thinking, has this something to do with Greg Moores crash?
It went up in the air, landed, rolled and rode down, flew over a bit of road and landed in the sand on the other side.
People quickly got to it, and asked why did you…
Couldn’t catch that last bit, but seemed to be alive, but face was terry-ble.
Meditated about both those things, to maybe get answers in a way I could take.
e.g. no nightmare stuff like the real thing.

Wanking over the daughter of a girl in school was also a first I think… aaahhh facebook.

And of course, I saw a murder/suicide on eroprofile (where else… ah, xvideos).
Peed to death.

I dreamt also of about praying to God, and did later that day that our ways would separate there and than, strangely dreaming a while afterwards that I was with God (in dreams you know stuff) and the same sort of sun shone through the clouds for some time afterwards for some time, which was confusing because I dreamt I was with God, and not vice versa!

And starting reading in Mein Kampf, which changed me in my way of thinking perhaps, in some way.

And my wanting to be filthy rich has become stronger.
Or indeed, the “easy way out”.
But it seems to get easier and more inevitable.

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