So, here goes.

Today is Tinto Brass’ 82 b-day.

Master of Erotica.

As I had been fantasizing being in an erotic movie, where the actress suggests to just have a live dump on camera, maybe cause ‘I need to go anyways’…

I had to go anyways, as I was hesitating when about to go shower, wether to pee through my worn underwear or have a golden one.

I meditated over it.

How it would feel great and how amazed I would be to see how HUUGGE it would be.

And how it would be one piece, and not fall apart.

This should so go on my uncensored meditation blog, but I don’t have that!

I was a worried by the blood on the t.p. but hey… made it all the more… dunno…

Actress on her period?

Or maybe it was from yesterday (Danica Patricks b-day), when my body tried to cut it out!!? (rock hard)

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