Uncensored 2014

An uncensored review of last year.

Of course there was me getting of over that underaged girl from a nudist side, but that really is for a discussion that should be continued this year.
What is acceptable to one, is unacceptable for others.
And exactly that is why I started… wanted to start the discussion in the forum.
Like I posted about things in my youthy years.
Which brings us to Bill Cosby.
2 (3?) have already been caught out with a false accusation.
This undermines the others as well.
Maybe there should be a law to report it as it happened and not 30, 40 years on.
It was so life changing apparently she forgot about it.
I don’t care anymore if it really.happens to them false accusers.

Then there was the Jules Bianchi and Tony Stewart thing.
Lots has been said about both.
The doctors are getting way to little credit.

Then there was a dream, where I found a small childs corpse.
Waking up, the first thought was – Did I surpress(?) this?
Why would I think that?
A guy in my youth found something/going on in the woods one day, raising his voice to ask where I was and it’d better we’d leave.
I wondered about it, and was thinking about that around that time.

MH17 has a cloud of false flag around it.

Then I found a piece of pill in my coffee.
I am really scared.
Maybe that’s something to do with canceling my trip twice!!!??
The day I finally went felt like a victory!
But that’s not all.
I had been meditating about heart complaints and other stuff, like finding a tampon in that bin.
That is impossible for God even to arrange perhaps, but what was the pink stuff in the toilet?
They tried to flush a tampon or what?
Why they have their own bin anyway!!???
Voyeurism? Fetishists? Exhibitionists?
Then I got kissed.
It dried up, but I rubbed the bread on it.
Maybe it helps erasing a certain memory/trauma I posted about.

But, there is hope for 2015.
The Vaatstra murder* discussion showed a lot, and taught me a few things, and made my view of the world even darker.
No… it beyond black already…
*which was filmed remember!

I further suddenly all changed and started listening to Helloween while meditating!
Changed back mainly to Iron Maiden now.
Most music will do, but it’s important to use music you like (duh…) and which you can follow (e.g. has melody).

I thought starting yet another blog, on meditation but…
Okay body, lets dream I’m a girl seducing the dog.
When it starts to get interesting, you say: Okay, this dream will continue after you’ve gone to the dentist!
One last word on meditation.
It doesn’t seem to work on everything, but I was thinking that, if it works like that, can it influence reality!!??
Did meditating over peoples health help? (Jules Bianchi)
Imagine a happy period!??
But more than that: Can it help bring the truth about the Vaatstra or Soham.Murders out!??
Cheryl Morriën, Nicky Verstappen?
Is reality real, or does meditation only help in the interpretation/handling…?

Lastly, I often wondered if and what they can do (e.g. with DNA).

Anyone remember that sick Victim of Fate clip?
Helloween – victim of fate: http://youtu.be/xLEBS7AB0YI

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