Sexy Sambal Scarlett

I was soooo close to booking an escort.
To have my virginity taken.
And I don’t want it back!
Massive undecisiveness.
Pleasure more like!
But then…
It probably is more about trying the other stuff.
And since this is my uncensored blog…
And the pics on those agency sites don’t always seem to be accurate.
But I look more for…
And escort that looks like she can lead.
Saw a couple on .
Then there was Emma on some other site.
Mind you, the view would be amazing, having your virginity taken!

(visitor: cut the crap! what’s on your list?!)

Watersports anyone?
Although I swam once in a pool where a girl was peeing!
In the looney bin a girl, Ina, had suddenly got her period.
How sexy that no one else knew!
So, having a nice girl spit in a salad or so.
I have posted the why earlier.
Helen Skelton anyone!?
Maybe that chick at the Cafetaria (101) could sneeze while serving it.
Most things I could argue away but one thing remains.
Why is it so erousing to eat something that has been on a vagina?
Crotchberries anyone!!?
Ham roll…
There is actually a thing called pad roll.
Looks like a, naturally, used pad.
With sambal.

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