99th post

Yesterday, after a long time, after a lot of hesitation, I just went for a walk.
We have an open air theather in town.
Just after walking past it, there came someone walking their dog.
I felt like… fucking the dog.
Theather Shylark anyone!!?
Although I realized at that moment that it may be different to actually do it.
Or watch it for real for that matter!
I think about it sometimes and while eating out earlier this year they played Don’t.. Don’t you want me by Human League (I think) and I thought it being a great song (for Shylark) to use while seducing the dog!
2 tribes a close second no doubt!
Throwing a ball of socks or pants while on yer knees and lowering…
Who they belong to… !! ?
If he’s quick and your still down…

There was a dog tied up nearby once.
Fantasies fantasies…

As I posted earlier, if I’d know something like a conspiracy, and I had to keep quiet…
Okay… if you get me a dog fucking show!
Of course what would really be my dream was something like learning the dog that a lead means walking.
Take the lead, we’ll go for a walk, take me…

Or my latest, sniffing the girls out.
If it’s a girl sit down.
Sniffing out the ones on their period.
No, of course we don’t believe them on their word!
We believe the dog…
Then the same with tampons.
The ones that didn’t wipe after peeing. Can a dog tell two people who are in a nice relationship!?
They can tell cancer!

So… at the end of that round…
I was hesitating about my 100th post should be.
But, thinking about it, I think I post about conspiracies, you know, where in Holland they say they should be locked up for believing that stuff.

Somewhere on this blog I have posted a link to a translated piece.
No wonder I have reached 100 posts so quickly!! (okay 99)
I have reason to believe that the film of the murder is maybe in their possession.
Another thing for http://halloweeninn.wordpress.com
And, what can they do with DNA?
Profile maker!!!
Does he/she listen to Helloween, the band?

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