PedoSexual Elite

Another black day?

The Vaatstra murder, as posted in the forum.

Research on the ‘net(h).
If a fraction of it is true…

But now to the black bit.
What if…
The elite (they from here) apparently fuck, torture and kill children.
I do not believe everything but…
And I had this thought about hunting girls and shooting at their…
One could never be certain of course to just hit it.
Glancing blow?
I would n’t want to get involved any way like that.
But what is it that a lot of elite are into this?
But the real thing I wanted to write about.
How they say it’s all conspiracy thinkers stuff.
And try to clear their consciences by over doing good things.
BBC = Savile = Children in Need…

How about… SOHAM!
And how if I had proof!?
And what if they wanted to stop me from using it!!?
Unfortunately, I found myself thinking about that.
Zoe Salmon fuck the dog.
And Helen.
And they piss over me.
They have a dump.
Something menstrual.
They both spit in my… whatever.
And, would they do it?
It isn’t beyond it, in this world.
But, in my next post, about the overreacting/compensating.

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