fuck it

A black day in my life, perhaps.

I need to put something, somewhere in case I am no longer.
It’s nobodys fault, it’s the world we live in.
I can honestly say, I tried my best and, at times give it my best effort/everything.

But in this world of money grabbing non doers and so on, there’s no place for me.
Without a job, which actually hurts some people.
Success doesn’t actually mean work hard.
If it did, I would’nt be in my position.

Those without a job are declared not able by others.
If only they would say the truth/same about the money grabbing presidents/politicians/ceos.

And yes, God lets psychiatry happen.
You want shit, then accept the consequences.
Shootings etc.

My latest try involved a website but seeing the trash they build I gave up.

I know I’m shit.
Treated like it a lot.
Some people that came across my path were really special.
Guess what.
They get cancer or the like.
God is good.
But evil always wins.
Life’s what you make it, some say.
Okay, lets stop charity then.
You probably wanted it.
And its already curable.
Search ‘cancer conspiracy’.

What that ‘voluntary’ lock up did to me…
And I know how and why to shoot that dutch lawyer Gerard Spong.
Not a prediction.
Maybe a forecast.

There’s suffering because God wants you to learn.
So, what exactly does a baby getting raped have to learn?

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