Urine Visions 2015

8 views already!
Of course, visitors want an uncensored Eurovision report!

Tolerance, blah blah blah, being who you want to be…*
I am absolutely disgusted with Austria winning.
A tweet on Twitter about ‘a lot of confused wanking going on’.
Not confused at all.
One each over the female parts of The Common Linnets Ilse de Lange and the hosts, Lise.

* So next year we’ll send Dog Bitch.
Being fucked on stage by dogs.
Or a smoking dark colour skin nudist.
Or a criminal.
Oh look, he (?) is reading the lyrics from that sheet.
No! That is my criminal record!!
Aaahh forgot about that (I murdered that) one.

Or a paedophile who gets wanked by a 10 y.o. (f/m).

Or gy… Orgy.
At least one of the singers on her period, being fucked by another band member, while another 2 getting fucked by 2 dogs, after which the singer on her period goes puking, and another has a dump on stage and the crowd starts mass wanking.

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