worst rape scenario II


I posted something on here about worst rape scenario.
How about this, from the victim’s (yes, victim) point of view…!!?

Talking about it in a very… black humour for lack of better phrase.

I asked for it, I guess.
Like an animal.
He sneaked up on me, grabbed me and tried to tear of my winter skin.
Gloves, cap…
I didn’t realize his intentions at first but I knew full well I was being attacked!
So I tried to defend myself.
Which he seemed to enjoy.
At which point it became clear that he wanted something other than my wallet or such.
Boys never seemed to take much of an interest in me. And the few that did lost it when I told them I wanted to wait.
Maybe it was one of them (who can’t take no for an answer) ?
After my looks didn’t scare him away, I had one last chance I realized when he was about to put that rag in my mouth.
My auntie!
I pointed down and when he pulled down my panties he paused for a mo.
Just as I thought that maybe it DID scare him away he removed the tampon and with it, all my hope.
He thanked the Lord for having this really nice birthday present for him.
I had fought him for all I was worth but with the Lord on his side, I knew this was a lost battle.
Should I play dead?
Butt then…
If he hadn’t taken that tampon out, I may have had another glimmer of hope that he was a beginner and had the wrong… (one?)
It wasn’t long before he got it out.
He wasn’t mistaken he said.
He had heard of the front to back thing.
I thought back to when he put the rag in my mouth and the optimist in me said how lucky it wasn’t his tongue!
He was looking forward to that week long itch and I thought…
But I then realized what he meant.
Birthweek then.
Was he Trina Vega’s brother?
I didn’t know where to look but luckily he reminded me.
Look at me! while forcing me to look at him by force of his hand on my face.
I really wasn’t liking all that and, as if he could mind read, he told me –
Nearly there!
Fortunately he didn’t stay long, like dogs…
Hang on, how’d I know that!!?
He lit a siggie and walked off!
I slowly did the same and, as I walked away from the place of the forced crime scene action, I felt it dripping out.
I hoped the one who would have won was one of ’em but…
No such luck, as I found out a couple of weeks later.
But, hurray, one day as I went to the bathroom…
Yeah… !
And best of all, it would have been a boy.
So maybe, the world was a little better of for you not being born, I couldn’t resist thinking.
I even had a little prayer that evening.
But… there was another one!
And it was… a girl!
Ha! The strong sexe!
As she was born, prematurely, I thought how generous of her.
I’ll come now mummy.
Being even smaller!
Thank you!
And I looked at her, tear moistened cheeks, fighting in that… artificial womb.
Until, finally… she made it, and they took her away from me.
Not long after I got cancer.
So nice of the Lord to say, I can’t garantee you never get raped again, but hey… I’ll settle for second price.
I can’t get preggers from it no more.
And so, for 23 years I knew nothing about Sindy.
(as in born out a sin)
Or Regina, as her foster parents named her.
Until last week, when eating out, someone sat down next to me and asked

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