2013 uncensored

10 views already today…
I guess visitors want an uncensored (p)review of the year.

As I have posted of course that amazing triple dump on July 31, that I wanted to post on http://www.sex.com but suddenly all my posts were gone.
Maybe because I dedicated it to God…
Shame I didn’t have them on my device any longer.
You don’t want others browsing yer phone…
Oh you do! ??
But then my birthday on which I had some drinks, loads of coffee and some water and more coffee to make for a lovely intense treat for a present.
Very golden, felt great.
Then of course going to the toilet, dumping over Elisabeth Rizzini and Sonja Jessup and Laura Tobin…
Eating somewhere I had red bits on.the chips.
Was the cook on her period?

Just the last day of the year I failed in having my erotic story published.
Too religious I guess.
Best wank I think Kari Byron swinging her pelvis.
Yay Kari!
She is hot!
That dog should have sniffed her.
Can dogs tell myth.

Low points a plenty, notably banging my head, possibly brain injured.

And, on another low…
The Rafa Sabia baby.
Sylvie couldn’t give him a second…
Maybe one could see it as justice if that’s all they/she are/was to him…

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