Celebrity Nasty

I’m in full flow!

Someone commented that Helen Skelton is such a nice person and yet there are so many nasty things written about her all over the internet.
Hey, you should read my fantasies…
But, yes…
But maybe it is BECAUSE she is hot, down to earth, inspiring…
I forgot to mention her in the previous post.
But, okay, we were talking nasty.
Great song by WASP.
Nasty 9.5 .

So, here we go.
Helen Skelton, Zoë Salmon and, yes believe it or not, Liz Barker are teasing the Blue Peter dogs.
No, they don’t all just want Helen!
Zoë gets taken first in fact, as the dogs tear that dress to shredds!
Richard zooms in.
They take turns.
Helen’s bits had needed stitches after that fall remember, so she is the first to retire.
Good on her, and she goes on to watch the dogs fuck Liz and Zoë.
They are joined by Michaela Strachan and Naomi Wilkinson.
The dogs welcome them enthiousiastically, especially Noami being (zoo) shocked.

They decide to test if the dogs can tell who’s on the rag and… apparently they can, except for tamponized Naomi.

Zoë, who has a penny-taste fetish, offers to lick them all clean.
Helen and Naomi decline.
Ellie Harrison walks in, as she heard about the Beauty & Beast Club.
The dogs sure like her!
Her clothes are ripped off.
Are they unsaturable?
I fucking need a shit, announces Helen, to which even the dogs stop (what they’re) doing Ellie Harrison.
Which was good because she wants to see that!
They decide that they challenge Helen and have a dump of their own.
Helen tells them that she shat on Jimmy Savile once, after getting him off.
She may well have gotten him off by shitting on him!
Rape should be a fucking offense Naomi raises her voice.
They all want to shit on him but…
We shit on his grave, Helen suggests.
All find it a good idea!
So they go findagrave.com Savile.
Pissing may be a compliment, so they decide to leak in the Blue Peter garden, which Carol Kirkwood says will make up for the drought.
Jane Hill says she wouldn’t mind licking them clean.
All but Naomi let her.
Only husband goes there she explains, despite no body asking for an explanation.
Erm… how about…
Oh I see, animals don’t count!
So, they finally arrive at Savile’s soon to be shit covered grave.
He wasn’t worth the walking but it sure got the system going says Naomi.
Helen will go as she feels ready, as hers always take 10 minutes or so.
Naomi goes first.
More and more victims of Savile gather and say ‘good on him’.
They are believed.
Even the one that suggests that Savile has probably eaten Holly and Jessica (out?).
Would fucking any of us make up for it?
No, but I take it anyway, one replies.
Oh… except Naomi.
But she would be licked to a heaven-beating orgasm.

But not before they have visited Jan Dilldo’s…Jill Dando’s grave.
They should be Farthing… further apart, suggests Jane Hill, who says she would have loved to have done Jill.
That cunt of an editor.
He got extra protection immediately after her murder(?).
And as always, the BBC knew Barry George was innocent!
They had a warning.
Not even fucking all of the news readers would make up for it, he apparently wrote in a note.
I wouldn’t let him, Jane Hill says.
Would you do me? asks Zoë.
Hell yes!
No guessing there then and they go tongue twisting and all on Jill Dando’s grave.
We leave you to it, and they all leave.

Here’s a challenge for ya Helen, say childish Anne Foy.
Must have been a Savile favourite!
I was, she confirms.
How about swallowing our spit!? as she clears her nose and spits a very green/snotty one in Helen’s mouth.
Helen swallows.
The Blue Peter dogs want more action; Anne volunteers.
How did she keep going for so long!?
Even the dogs run outa steam!
Now, that tells ya something!

Now, lets not go into the dark cellar, cause what happen/ed/s there even puts the smile off Ellie Crisell’s face.
Oh cool, says Helen.
A challenge!

Kate Heavenor being gang raped by Jimmy Savile and his… His Protectors.
The PM.
The Queen.
With a strap…
Kate screaming.
No one can help you, Kate!
I could… thinks Helen.
Well, she asked for it.
The short of skirt she wears.
She defended herself by saying it was for the teen wankers!
Where!!? Savile’s face lits up. As he… He looks in the di(-e-)rection where he apparently expects them, he sees Helen.
Aaaahhhh… he drool drips.
He quickly grabs Helen.
I… I… I did something, her feeling good about the Kate Heavenor situation is shorter
(lived) than Kate’s skirt.
Okay, I gave it away earlier, but Helen struggles, but in the end she gets Savile off herself.
She shits on him.
Okay… that’s one I gave away earlier also.
Why didn’t…
Of course(r)!
She was recovering from the Vile attack!
Next, Sara Carwood walks in.
She flirts with anyone or anything!
Even with Jimmy Savile.
Had Holly and Jessica been boys, she wood probably have had/done them!

But no, Holly and/or Jessica had the misfortune to be murdered by Satanist.
The Devil cried, for sure!
The Devil! exclaims Sara.
I haven’t flirted with him!
Don’t worry love… you’ll get plenty of time in here!
Not to destroy the BBC’s reputation any further, they didn’t let Sara do 50/50.
She’d have done all the boys.
She had her own boyzone when she was doing Top of the Pops.
Many a Star popped in hers!
The biggest pleasure for Sara being breaking up another relationship!
Except for Zoë Balls… Ball’s.
How Fat Boy Slim could forgive her…
I mean…
Sara Cawood, who would flirt with… her self probably.
How would you like some pizza menstruazione my friend…
Using her pizza for a pad.
Can I have some?
You had Holly’s, she bitched Savile.

Yeah, we sure made life hell for a couple innocents.
I fucked them all, just to make them shut the fuck up.
Not even a thank you from Sir Jimmy!

You didn’t fuck me! enthused Joe Vialls.
No, that is not Viallis.
They even changed his name, so Vialls doesn’t show up.

This world is too fucked up
if you care.
They know it’s true.
They don’t care.
Yeah, call it mental, what ever…

I wonder who is involved at the beeb they go this far…
I think I don’t wanna know.
They protected Savile.
They protect evil.
They ARE evil.
Children in Need…

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