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Read an interesting piece yesterday about God and free will.
Gay sex is ugly (levi? 18) and so is sex with animals.
However, it says it in such a way in the bible that it seems that it only applies to men, while the animal sex thing seems to only apply to women!
But then I read in a forum that, since humans have free will, they can make that choice but that it is wrong in the Idea of God.
I think that it is ugly because most extreme things are born out of perverty-ness.
Is it really wrong to do certain things with the underaged?
I was young and my mum once was voyeuristically peeking in the door.
I wouldn’t have mind if she had been watching me cum!
In fact I think it was a missed chance.
If only I had just ASSUMED she was peeking!
If I could do that again…
Moooooh hini!!! cbbc.
God, that her buttocks, Laura, newsround.
Or, taking the sock of and losing it all over a poster of…
While talking to her!
Ooooh… if mommy knew this…
I find it strange that the bit in the bible (levi 18) only seems to apply to women having sex with animals.
Men and sheep…
Ants go for both sexes.
And why is prostitution only refered to for women!!!??
Prostitution of money?
Money IS important.
It pays bills!
And besides, an escort to test yer b-/g-friend!?
Sorry, I would loooooovvve to fuck you erm… Naomi, but I already am commited to a really nice girl.
Naomi Wilkinson.
Faithful written all over her!
I take this opportunity to throw in this idea:
A girl praying to God to stop the dog from fucking her.
Humans = free will, animals…
And if God really hates women that much, the dog will take her even harder, as God wants.

And the other thing, about being separated if on their period and how not to be touched because that person will be filthy/unholy whatever.
So, what if you have to save a menstrual woman from drowning?

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