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Recently I wrote about how I was to write about girls & dogs & sex, but ended up seeing a couple of fatal crashes on youtube. (censorship?)
Is it wrong or morbid or…
But, I thought, the drivers know the risk beforehand, do they?
I looked away though when Jeff Krosnoff’s crash came suddenly.
I saw it when it happened live, and it litterally made me feel unwell.
Someone in the comments though blamed Stefan J and I can’t deny that I have thought about that.
Someone even called Kerry Earnhardt a murderer.
Maybe though, he should not have been credited with the win… ?
Someone mentioned that, after the medics tried everything the could, why try to revive someone with so many injuries and make him suffer.
That was a comment on the Greg Moore crash.
Strangely though, with a bit of luck? he may have survived.
I remember how he nearly was thrown from the car and, no doubt his head took a lot of the force/energy.
What if his belt would not have broken?
Apparently Roberto Moreno, his replacement said:
‘If I had driven, Greg would still be alive.
I would not have taken the risk he was taking.’
Too much?
His injured/broken finger.
And does ‘you make your own luck’ apply when you…
Richie Hearn apparently said, in the Medical Center, about what risk he was taking and how scary it looked.

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