I was about to write something about girls & dogs today.
I wanted to quit watching.
Not for thinking it(‘s) wrong but the searching/nice clips ratio.
Then I found a bit of a clip which stopped with 10 mins to go, and I decided to stop.
It’s on one of the sites that I linked to anyway.
Girl goes from the beach to her home and they first have a wash together!

I then watched some fatal crashes on youtube.
Nothing to be proud of, but just to get an idea of what happened; some I have read on on I think.

Then I saw the death of [] announced by Chip Williams.
I then did a search and found that he was charged with something involving children and I…
Can’t keep this to myself!
Having searched some more, and I find, what you always find in this kind of cases, if it’s ‘to do with children’ nearly everyone declares you guilty!!!!!
Regardless of the fact that these people could be innocent.
Reading even more, I couldn’t resist to think that they are just after him for some reason.

Further, it may well be that actually those two drivers + 15 others that support(ed) him stick their necks out, not declaring him guilty for the simple reason that it’s to do with children.
I applaud them.
Blah blah blah the nature of it.
It was worse than any previous fucking case.
Oh yeah, I forgot: The military, church/religion, elite, those in power are exempt from prosecution.
Like Albert of Belgium, who stopped an inquest into a paedophile case himself after they were apparently coming too close to the royal family.
Witness X1 , forced to have sex with a dog while underaged, applause when the dog came and… yeah.
And how about, while we’re at it, the Jimmy SaVILE protectors (at) the BBC!!?
Suddenly the victims are believed, now that he is dead.
And in that light, it would not surprise me if Jimmy Savile did actually murder Holly and Jessica.
Let’s be clear about this:
(Expect me to get killed ‘accidentilly’)
When the BBC reported that Huntley confessed to MURDERING them, they ALREADY KNEW THAT THAT WAS FALSE!
This is a fact: The court transcripts are the same for all!!!
Hello, I want to get wanked by a 10/8 y.o. and be peed on by loads of them.
I mean there’s a reason why some people are not ALLOWED to work!
But above statement should increase my chances.

I ceased my donations to children in need because of that.
BTW, the court transcripts are elsewhere on
If they don’t get deleted/censored.
Did I mention naughty pics of say Flintstones are considered child porn?
Next time, think again!!!
And why is it okay for people to say they should get hanged by their…
Innocent until…

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