Okay, the 6 views and 10 so far today are probably due to that link to the girl being taken by the dog while on the phone but still inspired me to write a bit today.
I’m 40ish, but through circumstances still living with mom.
Yeah, shame on me.
I want to migrate but am afraid to fail.
I have considered porn but you’re supposed to do a lot of stuff that I don’t want to do.
Had I been a girl I would have been an escort I think.
They could film my virginity going Nikita Denise/Aurora Snow/Ashley Ames…
I would love them pissing on me.
©oined by me!
I had considered deleting all this stuff until I saw the stats today.
I registered on a death wish forum but all they can do is say psychiatric problems.
Aleesh (Alesha Dixon) saying THE DAY she wanted to commit suicide!
Yea right love.
If I make a mistake or rather the cashier than I am fucking backward if I don’t notice but if it fucking happens to them it’s the cashier that is a thief.
Does that make any fucking sense?
I don’t get why the word fuck is so offending while it’s all they fucking care about.
Woman are more than just objects.
Yeah right.
See them as humans like me when I was young and you’re declared backward.
People that call you gay for not having a girlfriend at 12.
Yeah, they must have a reason.

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