It’s very unsexy and I think it was a way to let off steam and it feeling like living with a secret, and my mum forcing me on the toilet.
Otherwise I might have chosen some other way.
I still want a nice chick/girl/lass to spit in my salad to erase the memory from the GUY that did it.
I tried the same with peeing by putting a bag on my willy and let it go but Kate Bush is the only girl I tried that on.
I pretended to be that celeb, e.g. Lavinia Milosovici pushing her bum back, like gymnasts do to please the male members of the jury.
I repeated it after being in the looney bin but quit for good after with a girl on local telly, really nice and shy, it was porridge like.

Alex Jones would be a candidate for now, especially when the One son Bbc Two!
Christine Bleakley.
Anne Foy.
And most of all Amy Thompson who probably shakes after peeing judging by her moves on Milkshake!
Ellie Crisell.
Riz Lateef.
Anita Rani.
Sophie Raworth!!!!!

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