Holly War

Recently I woke up and had a very extreme fantasy that shocked/scared even me.
I fantasied that a girl, Holly Valance, was in the army.
As soldiers are know like, they all wanted to fuck her.
No gay people in the army remember.
They’re not allowed to serve their country.
Maybe the reason is, simply, that the army is just about raping apart of (underage) girls.
It sickens me to think what happens there.
But no, wanking is a crime.
Troops tough?
Hell fucking no.
And another thing: How come that if you miss or lose one or two limbs you’re handicapped but if you are partly or fully dismembered while in a war fighting an imaginary/fantasy/made up/manufactured enemy you become a hero…
Anyway, back to my fantasy and Holly said that if anyone wanted to fuck her, they had to fight each other, the one that survived was getting/going to fuck her.
Yay! Who’s the toughest now…?!
Not surw how it’d work though!
What if you pair ’em?
If neither shoots the other?

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