Rape Top 10

The most disturbing stuff can be found around the internet.
Rumour has it there are rape ‘to do’ lists.
But some, like Alesha Dixon would definitely feature on many I’m sure.
This is for some of her opinions/ideas/believes.
(every one laughing at wankers)
1 Alesha Dixon
2 Sophie Ra(..)worth
I don’t like that sort of ‘teasing’
3 Tooske Brueghem
4 Anita Hoffmann
5 Emma Forbes
6 aboves sister what ever her name was (Sarah?)
7 Katy Hill
8 Zoe Salmon
9 Helen Skelton
yeah the trauma her new challenge and only reason.
she’watch how zoe and kate are being raped earlier
10 kay burley and I cannot be bothered to uppercase her initials.
bitch. cunt. rape victime.
the dog gets her as well.
can’t even be botherusing a condom in her case.
abortion! if she gets preggers.
poor kid!
God, this should so be votable.

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