seasonal sex

I got off over this lovely lass today.

Is she on her period or what?
Would she have let him fuck her, it would have been even better.

I have extreme fantasies like that, were a dog is trained to pick out girls on the rag and then try the same when they use tampons.
A girl finds an abandoned dog, takes it home and gets fucked by the dog.
Or from a dogs home.
A girl getting a head start and the dog chases her and fucks her.
1 dog many girl and many dogs with many girls.
Do the ones in season get picked more often?
And a gang bang, although that is apparently tricky as they may start fighting.
Is that morally wrong?
And learning the dog tricks, and where the slave gets to say Take Her.
Or maybe the master.
Finally, the dog gets the choice.
Walk or Play/The Girl/Bitch.
Or even, the girl gets to choose between a guy and dog
and she chooses the dog.
Or a kidnapper that asks the hostage
me or the dog!?
Fuck yeah.

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2 Responses to seasonal sex

  1. naushad kamliwale says:

    Very very liked.

  2. Great blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more.
    I am bookmarking your feeds also.

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