Okay… First things first.
You know when soldiers suffer from the side effect from these drugs…?
Well, I guess psychiatric hell is not much different.
I have become a monstersaurus.
I have had extreme fantasies, fantasied over Nelly Furtado (not Tornado!)
about a girl going underground into the dark world of dog fuckers.
She would, as in all.my fantasies, set a couple conditons that she would not be caught in the criminal world, drugs etc…
She would ask to play that she would get 100 meters or so advantage over an, extremely horney, dog.
That scene would be part of a very extreme dvd with loads of dog fucking.
One dog gets to choose from various girls, vice versa, and what would they do if only one girl was available?
Wait for their turn or fight?
And girls in season?
Others famous gals include Avril Lavigne and Shag-kira.
Just recently I came across a rape scene that was so fucking extreme/hot/well acted… god!
There is a lot of good stuff on there, like
this video that eventually got me off:
Which brings us to…
I got thinking about when…
Most people that haven’t had a less than perfect/smooth/yeah what ever youth, have experiences…
Street wise?
Maybe the teen that got raped finds comfort in the honesty about that dog fucking her.
She invited/seduced him, he took her… the offer.
I mean, to what some [] have gone through, dog fucking is very innocent.
Heard about that?
So I guess all them folks that have such n apathy against paedophiles have paedophobia and are afraid of their own attraction to young children and likewise bestiaphobes are afraid of their desire to be fucked rotten by their dog.
So instead, they insist in walking it.
How about free wil?
That was wrong of me to think because it got me in trouble.
It got me to think of the attraction of being wanked by a ten year old girl.
To avoid being suspended or alike, I hasten to add that I don’t intend to put it into practice.
I think that attraction of her innocence or something can be done by a very lovely and understanding girl of legal age.
But then I came across a site where I found a picture of a girl peeing.
You could see the stream coming out of her vagina.
I used a tool from Google Play to cut that bit of the picture out but deleted it.
I felt disgusted with myself.
But I regretted it and went looking for it again.
I found it, used the same tool and now it’ll keep me from searching

See heavy-r.com.

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