When I was young my mother, who had a pooping obsession or so, used to force me on the toilet.
Even look sometimes if ‘it is coming’.
One day I even had colon x-rays taken.
They went missing but there was nothing wrong of course.
I had to mark it on the calendar as well.
Maybe this was why I chose pantypooping later, as a way to let of steam.

I saw a video once, very expensive but I was after it, sg video, with a girl named Alina (Alina Privat).
I shocked myself how I enjoyed her pooping face.
Very nice girl, the way how she hand-invited the camera man.
It was spoiled a tiny bit when she throd in her poop.
Very nice how a girl would keep it in, just for you, like a master.
I’m not in to all that slushy stuff. Hard and firm more like.
Your master, just showered, pooping on your belly, wiping with a sandwich she just made.
I have eaten eggs that I pooped out.

I have dark SM fantasies.
Maybe… They sure have someting to do with the time in the looney bin and it scares and saddens me.
My master would have some girls helping her, reminding me of the psychiatric stuff and tempt me to lick her to get revenge.
Look psychiatrists how strong he is… or something…
The master building up trust, keeping to her promises.
For some strange reason I would like them girls take me on trips when they’re on the rag.
Sitting on my lap.
Maybe with some role play.
I’d like some rock hard bitches/sluts that would go to some length to get me off.
A whole month locked up, 1 point for every time/day they get me off or make me cry.
They would keep the pressure on me all the time.
Have a leech on yours…

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