I originally posted this …

I originally posted this in the Whitney Houston post, but my
shit galaxy phone is mental.
Anyway, I was fulfilling my militairy duty.
Once, I was so horney, I decided to poop
in the trash bin instead of wanking.
I used loads of toiletpaper though, it
was fully covered.
Nothing to feel guilty about.
Something to feel bad about though, is
wanking over a guy that was a Sinead
O’Connor lookalike.
I wanked over Sinead while stationed there.

I had another and I was pooping.
I thought of a girl that was hot in school.
My muscle trying to close but the poop was
too far out. I nearly lost conscienseness.

Then there was the one in the telly room.
Yes, there was others.
The tv presenter had been described as a
walking orgasm by the late Boudewijn Buch.
I noticed that there was no one on the
same row and started, fingers in pocket, not
getting it out.

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One Response to I originally posted this …

  1. blogstatistics says:

    ( as my freaky galaxy cant edit that post anymore)

    As I approached the climax, I dared myself to go all the way.
    I realized that I would need to control my breathing.
    I slowly, very slowly, got there.

    What a memory!

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