pooping pants

When I was younger I did
some panty pooping.
It’s not something I’m proud
of or even a fetish, but
at the time it must have done
a good job of/dealing with letting off steam,
pressure, stress, frustation.
That’s what it felt like anyway and
when I quit doing it, I landed in
the loony bin.
I did it a few times after coming
out of it, for the same reason.
Usually I’d put some tp in there,
except when kitchen paper was available.
I was not living alone but maybe that
was part of ‘it’, holding it in for
when getting the chance.

Once I was asked if I wanted to go
with them and I replied that maybe
I would join them later.
I put a video in and, you guessed it,
did some panty pooping.
It was Lavinia Milosovici and,
like gymnasts do, I put my arms up
and put my behind back.
She apparently poosed nude later.
I pretended it was actually Lavinia
pooping. Trying to be like the
celebrity I was pooping my pants over.
In Lavinia’s case that was easy, as
mentioned above, behaving like a gymnast.

I wasn’t, and am not, a daily pooper,
but some times I’d get a surprise
call from nature when being alone.
A pleasant surprise, as you might imagine.
Of course the size varied and, apart
from once, it was nice and dry.

I liked to think of it as the
actual celebrities doing it for/
shocking poeple/their fans.
I once noticed a tennis match were
I’d done it over both tennis players
and thus this being a panty-pooper
Names include Kimiko Date, Anke Huber,
Arantxa Sanchez, Mary Joe Fernandez and,
last but not least, Monica Seles.
A bit disappointing, I remember.
Very much effort for very little, lying
on my belly to go with her pose.

One of the most shocking, no doubt, was
the one over Joan Jett.
I don’t give a crap ’bout a bad reputation.
Joan Jett was actually s(h?)itting on
the toilet and noticed some black hearts
on the door, which would give her
support band their name.

Another one, I was about ready when I
got interupted and called a red flag, but
fortunately, I restarted later and
did it over the lovely Nicole from
Eurovision ’82.
A shitchen frieden.
’86 winner Sandra Kim made for another.

Alyssa Milano over that scene with
the car mechanic where she says
they get on top of you and they’re
finished before they even started.
I remember watching something she
was in where the guy was BITING her
I mean, this was shown on television!
Another I remeber was Manuela Kemp.
Oh and Aurelia Dobre, over that
playboy picture where she laid on her belly.
Lilia Poodkopajeva.
Svetlana Boginskaja.
Natalia Lasjenova.
Kylie Minogue.
Mel & Kim.
Vitamin C.
Jayne Middlemiss.
Hayley Barr.
Carrie Mitchum.
She made me drink a glass of my
pee, pretending it was hers.
Some girl from a sexy magazine
when trying to eat a piece of my
own poop. Too tough.

Guusje Nederhorst.
Tanja Beckett.
Sonja Silva.
Kicki Berg.
Kim Wild. (Checkered Love video or Love Blond)

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