Ellie Crisell

Hey… best day (yet),
Wednesday 15 december ’11.
4 views, of 5 total, or
4/5th as Rachel Bummy Riley
would tell you.
The other 1 was actually
myself, searching gooogle
cache after deleting the
posts, but then reposting.

Half the 4 views were caused
by Ellie Crisell, of whom I
posted she’d scare the most
seasoned, hardened rapist away.
Now, imagine getting to bonk
Ellie, with that smile of hers,
despite you giving her a…
Lets put it this way: if it were
a footy game* it’d be a walk over.
*Just being glad it wasn’t called of
She probably slept through the second
I can’t get noooooo satisfactioooon…
But she’d smile at you for the effort/
to make you feel better.
There’s some very uncomplimentary things
about Ellie on the net and, yes, this
blog says no-bleeps but…
It’s more about speaking your mind than
the use of that kinda* language.
*Where Susie Dent probably finds her beloved
lingo is getting raped…
Okay, someone posted using her brown sugar
as toothpaste.
Okay then… I’d like them green then,
Can you do that?
You could blow your nose in my mouth Elsie.
But my outright number 1 would be if you’d
use a bun as a pad.
Yes, you’re on the rag but hey, look
at the positive – I need nothing on it.
Vampire Sandwich.
I’d love to walk in on Ellie tongue twisting
with at least 1 other girl.
I’d love to send her a role of tp.
Even if she uses it on her shitter
the sheets throw a party.

Ellie Crisell, being fucked totally
senseless by the man and his best friend.
Helen Skelton learned him that.
Woof-woof wooof woofwoof-woof…*
*That’s one I scooby dooby doo-ed earlier…
Seasoned and all.
Her “red balloons” huge as…
Every now and then.
Apparently she posted somewhere that
the Blue Peter dog kept putting his nose
in her crotch, adding: No Barney, not
that time…!
We know, Helen. Your bossom gives a clue (?).
The rat on Halloween seem to quite
enjoy sniffing her there, on his way
Thanks for that Helen.
Top wank that.

Who’d be worth risking getting AIDS?
Ellie and Helen are 2 contenders.
Riz Lateef.

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