Moving on from the previous post,
and I thought long and hard about
what celeb anyone’d want to
rape but I couldn’t think of
any until I thought of Alesha
Suicidal Dixon.
And she thought it was all over
only to get another load up her
Sad little jobless live@home.
Look love, some have to work..
no, fight their way to it, not
shagging a career like you, Aleesh.
Shaking yer ass and selling to them
same wankers?

Anita Rani would make a good rape
She’d make for a great scared look
in her eyes.
She’d be interested in what makes you
wanna do that kind of shit and
would probably report on it, with
her views as a victim thrown right in.

And what about Cerrie Burnell?
Yes I know, she’s got only one
arm to defend herself… so what?
Or you’re a really weak rapist.
Okay, then you could opt for Shannen

And how about forcing it up Michaela
Tabbs pink?
And while we’re at the table,
Hazel Irvins.
We’ll take the browns as well, shall we?

Some of my greatest wanks have been over
actresses that did rape scenes, like
Lesley Kaye in ATWT and Jenny Garth.
Her tits were about to come out,
while Lesley did real good, with
the fear on her face.
Thank you, Lesley.
Although I am a bit ashamed to
have had wanks over those 2 (scenes).

How about Laura, who used to be on
NewsRound showing the side of her buttocks.
She is seriously too nice.
There’s people who fucking complained
about that!
Just like them ‘but the kids’ people
who complained about Cerrie Burnell.
Go play with yer toys while we stay
in the real world where, yes, lovely
Cerrie was unfortunate to be born with
only 1 hand.
And to hide your poor little inability to
accept that behind your (poor)
children is sooo mature…
She is hot like hell.
And sexy.
Now… how does she do that with
Just sticking them in her underwear
and hope they cover?
Surely tampons are easier with 1 hand?
I’m not ashamed to say I get a hard-on
just by her getting on with it and
not wanting any pity.
And yes, I do wonder how she gets the
t p off that roll.

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